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sample image Style # : MB100

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The Intrinsic is a canvas split sole ballet slipper designed to strengthen the muscles of the lower leg and provide a heightened level of support for the foot and ankle. Prior to the release of the Intrinsic, canvas split sole shoes have been frowned upon by dance teachers for their lack of support and remedial characteristics. This issue has been addressed by building a support and strengthening substructure into the shoe. The patent applied structure is designed to impose a level of controlled resistance to the muscles of the lower leg each time the foot points and flexes, building strength and stability over time.

Color: Pink Canvas                                           

 Intrinsic Reflex

sample imageStyle # : MB105

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The Dance Base Support protects and supports the wearer providing sensory feedback (proprioception), controlled resistance and critical shock absorption while the Reflex Contour dynamically expands and contracts in sync with the dramatic changes of the dancers body, maintaining aesthetic lines at all times.

The strengthening and supportive features make this slipper an important tool to prepare for demi pointe and pointe work, while the Reflex Contour is ideal for growing bodies and various climates and conditions that can affect foot size.

Color: Pink Canvas                            


sample imageStyle # : MM500

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The Exo showcases the MDM design philosophy by providing never before seen support features for the performing artist. The patent applied design is constructed from a seamless medical grade compression material that reduces muscle tear from vibration and limits soft tissue damage. The compression also encourages blood flow from the foot to the heart, which in turn improves oxygenation and gives the dancer more energy in the feet and legs. Unlike other modern dance shoes, the EXO covers all the areas of the foot that need protecting during the diverse movements of contemporary dance. We have experienced the pain of friction burn, now you don’t have to.

Color: Nude                                                   


sample imageStyle  # : MB115C / MB115

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The Elemental is a split sole leather ballet slipper that has been specifically designed to supersede the full sole ballet slipper. The shoe contains a patent applied support and strengthening substructure built into the shoe. The structure is designed to impose a level of controlled resistance to the muscles of the lower leg each time the foot points and flexes, building strength and stability over time.

Color: Pink Leather                                            


sample imageStyle # : MS800

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The MDM Sheer is an athletically styled high-tech dance sneaker, designed to offer exceptional support and protection for the foot and ankle. 

The Sheer features MDM Motion Geometry technology (a combination of panel design and materials selection) that dynamically adjusts to your foot using the latest materials and dance shoe specific construction. 

Color: Black                                                  


sample imageStyle # : MJ320

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The Protract has been designed using the patent applied MDM Intrinsic Development System that builds muscle strength and stability over time. The shoe has been built on a dancer specific last that was created by utilizing the latest 3D scanning technology. This allows the strengthening and support substructure that is contained in the heel and arch, to sit perfectly against the contours of the foot.

Color: Black or Tan Leather