About Us

MDM Dance believes in dancewear that is relevant and complimentary to the dancer's artistic ability.  It must be comfortable, it must have perfect aesthetics and it must have embedded technologies that reduce injury and lengthen the dancer's career.
MDM is made up of a team of passionate individuals that can deliver high quality relevant dancewear to a rapidly changing market.  We are ex-professional dancers connected to the dance industry family and we are designers that have produced products for the largest dancewear and sportswear companies.  We are in touch with the latest technologies and innovation, we are young, energetic and passionate and everything we do must promote the art of dance.

Our exclusive, patented technologies enable a range of performance benefits including injury protection by using impact cushioning materials, correct levels of support to help avoid pronation, controlled resistance and sensory awareness.

We ship only within the USA.

The Fair Inc. has been contracted to sell and distribute MDM products in the USA . As a result, you can get your orders faster and have a source for customer service nearby.
The Fair, Inc.
2260 Terminal Road
Roseville, MN 55113
Phone: 651-631-1415 or 800-637-6754

VISIT MDM OFFICIAL WEBSITE at www.mdmdance.com